Community Cause

Crime is on the Rise

According to recent statistics tabulated by federal agencies, Fairmont is now among the top 25% ‘most dangerous places to live,’ which means 75% of US communities are considered ‘safer’ than ours.

Our agency is concerned that crime in our community is on the rise, and we are launching a support campaign to help provide resources and assistance to police and Sheriff’s departments in our area.

Ambassadors for Law and Order

Boyce & Associates is a committed member of the #AgentsofChange initiative, and we are proud to announce we are now Agents of Change Ambassadors for our local law enforcement here in Marion County. We plan to organize support initiatives to ensure that our local peace officers are properly equipped and trained, we will work to ensure that their service and sacrifices are recognized, and we will empower outreach programs aimed at promoting positive relationships between law enforcement and the private sector.

There’s much to do, and we need your help.

Help Us Serve Those who Serve Us

We’re not asking for donations, but we are asking you to help us share our commitment to our local law enforcement agencies by sending your friends and family members into their nearest Boyce & Associates office. We will happily provide them with a complimentary insurance consult, and then we will issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative that provides support to law enforcement officers in your area.

Support our Local Heroes!

Our peace officers are true heroes who deserve both our respect and support. Please join us in helping them do their job effectively so we can reverse the troubling crime trends currently plaguing our community.


Chris Boyce

Boyce & Associates

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