Boat Insurance

Total Protection from all Possible Risks on Water with Boat Insurance

Life can be unpredictable on the waters, and as a boat owner, boat insurance is the best option in covering all the necessary risks. It covers damage, loss, theft, or risks of injury on you and the occupants. Get this insurance and be confident and ready for any eventualities on the waters, knowing everything is taken care of in advance.

What it Covers and How it Works

This insurance policy is for any boat owner who is concerned about safety in the waters. It covers all types of boats: pontoon boats, paddle boats, fishing boats, yachts, leisure crafts, and other watercraft with motors. Water vessels like canoes and kayaks are usually not included in this cover. The policy works by covering medical bills and property repair for you and the third party.

Types of Coverage Included in the Policy

The insurance policy offers coverage that takes care of all the damage caused by a boat accident. Property coverage insures your boat by paying for its repair after damage or replacement in case it is stolen. It applies in all cases – whether the boat is on land or on the water. Liability coverage pays for the damage your boat causes on other people’s property and medical bills for their injuries.

Medical Payment Coverage is different from liability coverage. It covers the health expenses incurred for the passengers on your boat when an accident occurs. If an uninsured watercraft collides with yours and causes damage and injuries to your passengers, the uninsured watercraft coverage will pay for all the expenses.

Benefits of the Policy

Protecting your boat is very important. In case your boat is totally damaged in a collision or fire, or it capsizes, the financial costs incurred can be too high to bear. This is why this insurance policy intervenes and offers total replacement for your boat and compensates the passengers.

With boat insurance, you get to enjoy every moment on water without fears or uncertainties. It feels safe to know someone is ready to help you out anytime.