Umbrella Insurance

Protect your Future and your Assets with Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance coverage is an extra liability insurance that covers everything that other insurance policies leave out. It is a secondary type of insurance that requires you to have a primary insurance policy at hand. This policy is important, especially if you have very vital assets.

Who Needs this Insurance Coverage?

This insurance policy is meant for people who have significant assets to protect or are at risk of being faced with a lawsuit. People could drown in your pool, get bitten by your dogs, or even worse, knocked down by your teenage drivers. Do you have brokerage accounts, retirement savings, and physical assets you need to protect? These are some of the reasons you need this insurance policy. The policy will protect you from any financial cost incurred.

What the Insurance Policy Covers

The policy covers landlord liability, personal injuries, and property damage, but only if they are not covered under another insurance policy. It does not cover personal belongings, lawsuits based on oral or written contracts, intentional misconduct, and omissions. Personal umbrella coverage takes over when your other insurance policies get exhausted. Such situations are common, especially when other insurance policies cannot cover the full cost of damage you cause.

Importance of the Insurance Policy

In this litigious society, everything that you own is up for grabs – your investments, savings, assets, and even your future! Just a tiny damage or a careless mistake, and you get a lawsuit. Lawyers will charge you a lot of money and in the end, you will have suffered a significant financial loss. Protect yourself from all these by adding this insurance policy to your primary insurance coverage.

Get the umbrella insurance coverage to make sure that absolutely everything is covered. It will cover all the gaps of risks left out by your primary insurance policy.

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